Brassica rapa var. japonica

Sprouts in: 5 - 14 days
Enjoy for: 21 - 60 days
Plant is edible!
Grows best at: 18°C to 30°C (64.4°F to 86°F)

  • Mibuna is an elegant-shaped and fast-growing Japanese leafy vegetable with mild mustardy flavor.
  • You can start harvesting the plant in one month by picking off the larger, outer leaves - the plant will produce more from its basal growing point. Harvest gradually until the plant is about 60 days old
  • Alternatively, you may harvest the entire plant one month after it's been planted. Just remember not to allow it to age over two months.

Fun facts!

  • Mibuna was already cultivated in Japan during the Edo period (~800-1,200 AD) in Buddist gardens. Nowadays, it is increasing its popularity all around the world.
  • Mibuna belongs to "Kyo yasai", which is a selection of about 50 Japanese vegetables that hold a special place in Japanese history and cuisine.
  • Mibuna is known to cope with low temperatures, but it can also produce a good harvest at 30 C in indoor conditions.
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