Grows best at: 18°C to 35°C (64.4°F to 95°F)

  • An experimental plant pod contains no seeds.
  • The pod contains plant food that lasts for up to 4 months.
  • This pod allows you to grow any plant you wish to experiment with. All you have to do is add the seed of your chosen plant to the pod and start growing.
  • Suggested number of seeds per pod: edible greens 3 to 5 seeds, fruiting plants 2 to 3 seeds and for herbs 10 to 20 seeds.
  • The number of seeds also depends on germination rate (written on your seed package) and personal preference.
  • Let us know what you are growing!

Fun facts!

  • You can also use the Experimental pod to root your cuttings. Just make sure that your plant is suitable for this multiplication method.
  • Busy Lizzy, Painted Nettle and all Basils can be easily rooted in Experimental soil to produce new, young plants.
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