Dwarf Basil

Ocimum basilicum

Sprouts in: 7 - 14 days
Enjoy for: 60 - 90 days
Plant is edible!
Grows best at: 18°C to 30°C (64.4°F to 86°F)

  • Dwarf Basil likes to be cut, even though it maintains its signature compact growth mode without trimming! Despite that, you can start trimming your plants approximately one month after planting. For a more thriving growth, pinching off the whole tip is better - it will grow two new shoots in a week!
  • Trimming your plant will also delay flowering and prevents the taste from becoming bitter. It is up to you - if you want to see basil's white flowers, don’t cut your plant anymore. If you would like to keep harvesting the leaves, continue trimming.
  • Please note that basil is an annual plant. It does not last forever. If it has been over twelve weeks and the plant looks aged, it is time to replace the plant pod.

Fun facts!

  • Dwarf basil is the best basil for garnishing! When you cut it, it won’t bruise and turn black so easy like other basils.
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