Celosia argentea var cristata

Sprouts in: 7 - 14 days
Enjoy for: 60 - 90 days
Plant is edible!
Grows best at: 18°C to 30°C (64.4°F to 86°F)

  • Cockscomb is at it's best if you leave just one seedling per pod to grow. Yes, this plant looks good solo!
  • Expect to see the first flowers approximately four weeks after planting.
  • The leaves may wither but this is just nature taking its course. You can simply remove the withered leaves. A huge colorful flower stalk will stand for longer.
  • If you need to plant new pods, you may use Cockscomb as a cut flower. It may also be dried and used in indoor flower arrangements - it will last forever.
  • Also, you may use the little edible Cockscomb flowers to garnish your dishes.

Fun facts!

  • One of the most colorful and interesting flowers, yet easiest to care for.
  • Cockscomb has no fragrance.
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